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New Songs, Bug Fixes and Much Other News!

Well, more news. This time to tell about the fixes in the game, and the news too, of course. Well, what people need to know is that the version that was released recently, version 0.0.0, does not draw any of the changes made so far in the hack with the exception of the large amount of bugs which couldn't be made by the team. Now the news, starting with new songs that were added and also some that had been replaced by newer versions of some of them.

One of the songs (Song 1) from Green Hill Zone Act 2 has been updated.
Listen to it

The Mystic Cave Zone Song from Marble Zone Act 4 was been replaced by "Leading Lights", from Sonic Adventure.
Listen to it

Marble Zone Act 1 gained a completely custom new song.
Listen to it

Marble Zone Act 3 with the song called "Plug Electric", from Mega Man 9.
Listen to it

New song added to Marble Zone Act 3. This time, "Fire Field" do F-Zero.
Listen to it, and have fun with the new instruments added to the driver

New song added to Marble Zone Act 4. "Flame Man's Theme", from Mega Man 6. And as the level is a pyramid...
Listen to it

New song added to Scrap Brain Zone Act 1. "Metallic Madness Zone (Past)" from Sonic CD.
Listen to it

New song for Star Light Act 2. A completely custom version from the "Snake Man", from Mega Man 3.
Listen to it

New song added to Spring Yard Zone Act 1. "Casino Night 2P Vs" or "Oil Ocean Zone S2 Beta" (Feel free to tell like you want...).
Listen to it

New song for Spring Yard Zone Act 3. Listen to it

Now the news about the graphical game part.
There's the graphical look from Labyrinth Act 4. Now this is 100% completed.
Marble Zone Act 1, in a desertish ambiance.
Green Hill Zone Act 4 with a visual style that wasn't defined yet (Credits to Tornado). Also, Crabmeat was been reprogrammed for keep up his projectiles on the ground, making it to hurt Sonic and Tails. Thanks to Selbi for the excellent work he did.
Green Hill Zone Act 1 background. Yet indevelopment phase.
Foreground and Background from Green Hill Act 2 are now 100% finished.
Marble Act 3 background is now finished, and foreground partially finished.
Credits and thanks to Cass10 for the excellent work he did and also for the background importing.
The very development phase from the graphical work on Spring Yard Act 3.
Spring Yard Act 2 background finished.
Very special thanks to Mistergambit for sent me his original Labyrinth Zone's background updated.
From the desert in the Act 1 to the canyon in Marble Zone Act 2.
Labyrinth Zone, that remember the 8-bit version from the level, but not too much.
Special thanks to Mistergambit for allow me to use this art.
Green Hill Zone Act 1 background from 2010. yet in beta phase.
 Green Hill Zone Act 2. I Couldn't miss the sunny mountain Green Hill.
After a long night, the day begins to dawn in Green Hill Zone Act 4.
Thanks to Tornado for the work he did.

-Thanks to all the artists and collaborators from the Sonic Harder Project-
-More Updates soon!-

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Anônimo disse...

ótima atualizaçã músicas nao sao mais VGMs?

super sonic nao tem melhor!!!!! disse...

bons sons!mas ele e em qual das playlists?

Anônimo disse...

atualizaçao 10.(vc podia em marble zone paasar o canion do act 2 para o act 1 e vice versa)

Anônimo disse...