quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

More news are waiting for you!!

Here we are, friends. After more than a year after the last update, the Sonic Harder Project is going back with a lot of impressive news. For start with the announcement from that the Sonic Harder Project's Website will be back in September with a lot of news about the first hack from the project. Sonic Harder Levels will cellebrate 11 years, and the gifts are going to the project fans. And for show you some of these news, there's some Youtube videos we posted on Youtube sometime ago.

Bug fix on Knuckles:

Bug fix on Tails:

Various other related fixes:

And some beta-testing gameplay, wich are being made during the hack's development!
Harder special stages!

 Total action in Labyrinth Zone Act 3.
All caution isn't sufficient on the crystal cavern. But Knuckles shows all your hability on this place.

Lots of pictures from the hack's development for you to appreciate!

It doesn't stops with only that. There's some music projects from songs that are in development for the hack. For the start, I want you to know that Bridge Zone will be included like a fully-playable stage in Sonic 1 Harder Levels, so enjoy some of its soundtrack

And the new version of  Labyrinth Zone that will substitute the old version of it that is already in the game: 

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