terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

News from May, 2009

Wow, now it's the time for the new things... Well...

In the pic you see:

- New textures on GHZ wall
- Improved (more) the gradient for HUD and HUD numbers
- Added a fine gradient for the life counter and life counter numbers

Internal fixes:

- Fixed all sprite colors
- Fixed the extra life bug. Now the 1UP plays the 'YES!' voice from Sonic CD
- Added new sound effects for 10-RING powerup and for the NORMAL RING sound
- Added (restored) pitch bends from the Hybrid Front music in Spring Yard Act 2
- Green Hill Zone Act 3 music changed to a song based on Kirby's Adventure for NES
- Swapped the graphics from Green Hill Act 3 to Green Hill Act 4 and vice-versa
- Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 music changed to Gimmick MT Zone from Sonic 2 8-bit
- Fixed wrong spring colors
- Fixed monitor pixels width that appears shows Sonic in mid-air when he stands over it
- Added edited sound effects for bumpers, lava balls, and electrocution orbs from Scrap Brain
- New song for Labyrinth Act 3. Tidal Plant, from Sonic Triple Trouble
- More work on Labyrinth Zone Act 4 graphics (screenshot soon!)
- Added moving water on background effect to Green Hill Zone
- Updated the falling lava in the begining of Marble Act 2 (screenshot soon!)

Thanks for all the beta testers that shows me the game bugs to fix.
Then, it's all for today. Enjoy!

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